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The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you have to have a what-the-hell attitude.

               Julia Child

Poultry Portioning

Poultry Portioning:


From curry, to deep fried or marinated to roasted chicken has become a staple ingredient in most British homes. Chicken is the ultimate flexible protein, adding texture and taking on any flavour you choose to add.


Chicken breasts are often the ‘go to option’ when buying chicken but good quality chicken breasts can often cost as much as a whole chicken, making them a poor economic choice.


In this class we will learn how to quickly joint a whole chicken;... leaving you with the breasts, legs (or drumsticks and thighs), wings and carcass, opening up a world of possible dishes. We will also learn how to debone and stuff a chicken leg to create a ballotine.


Take home:


Buttery, moist kievs, perfect for a show off summer dinner party served with a salad and a nice chilled glass of wine.


Flavourful ballotine legs, also suitable for impressing guests but equally delicious cooled and put into a sandwich ready for those summer picnics.

A step-by-step colour photo recipe to ensure you remember all the hints and tips you have gathered on your day.

Are you looking for:

The skills necessary to get maximum value from a chicken.

A fun day, learning about the properties and uses of the different joints, enabling you to choose the best joint for all your future chicken dishes.

This is the course for you!

Please contact me for further details.


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